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Weightlifting Tasmania seeks expressions of interest for any of the following voluntary positions. Please contact "Volunteering" at email:

Referee Coordinator

The main role of the referee coordinator is to liaise with accredited Weightlifting referees in Tasmania and communicate opportunities for involvement in competitions within Tasmania. Ideally the referee coordinator would provide the director or each competition on the state calendar with the names of referees who are available together with any time constraints that such referees may have. A full list of Weightlifting referees in Tasmania can be found on the Australian Weightlifting website at:

Position Filled! Matthew Newman has accepted this position.

Team Apparel Coordinator

The main role of the Team Apparel Coordinator is to liaise with suppliers and provide information to the Board of Weightlifting Tasmania on the range of suitable apparel available, prices and lead times for ordering. Usually team apparel includes tracksuits, lifting costumes and polo shirts. Once decisions have been made, the Team Apparel Coordinator will collect orders from team members and relay Weightlifting Tasmania's requirements to suppliers.

Annual Awards Function Coordinator

The Annual Awards Function takes place after the last state competition of the calendar year. In 2015, the last state competition is the Final of the Presidents Cup which will take place in Hobart on 28 November, The Annual Awards Function Coordinator will advise the Board of Weightlifting Tasmania on possible venues, menus and prices, and make arrangements on the approval of the Board. A secondary role of the Annual Awards Function Coordinator is to ensure that winners of the previous year's perpetual awards hand back their trophies/shields in good time for the engraving of the names of current years winners.

Publicity Officer

The main role of the Publicity Officer is to provide media organisations in Tasmania (television, radio and newspapers) with a Media Release for important results achieved by members of Weightlifting Tasmania. The person appointed to this role will also keep and update a list of media contacts. Click here for Media Release sample.



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