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Annual General Meeting

Mar 30 2016

The 2016 AGM will be held on April 2nd, starting at 3:20pm.


During this AGM the member base will hear the president's report, this year's being presented by the vice-presidents due to an absence of a president, and the financial report.

Members will have the opportunity to vote one nominations for positions on the board, this year includes: the president, the secretary, the treasurer, a vice-president, and directorships.

Finally, any questions on notice will be put towards the member base and acted upon.


If any member is interested in nominating for the board, wishes to raise a question on notice or can't attend the meeting and wants to submit a proxy form, Click Here for the appropriate forms found under the 2016 Annual General Meeting heading. These forms must be filled out and handed to the secretary or emailed to prior to Friday the 1st at 5pm. Any forms handed in after that or filled out incorrectly will not be accepted under our constitution, however you will be advised if it is filled out incorrectly prior to this time.


Please contact the Secretary at if you have any questions.

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