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2017 Australian Junior and Senior Weightlifting Championships, Hobart

2017 Australian Junior and Senior Weightlifting Championships, Hobart

Mar 25 2017

Information for Championship Visitors


The venue for the championship is the Grandstand Hall of the Hobart Showgrounds, suburb of Glenorchy.

Here is a map that shows where Glenorchy is in respect to the Airport and Hobart City.

Map of greater Hobart showing airport and Glenorchy

Here is a map of the immediate area around the Hobart Showgrounds:

Area around Hobart Showgrounds

The above map shows the Brooker Highway (top of map), the main highway into Hobart, and Main Road (bottom of map). Note that there is a very large BUNNINGS store on the corner of the Brooker Highway and Howard Road (you cannot miss it!).

There are two shopping centres in Glenorchy, and one can be seen bottom left of the picture. The other is very nearby. Glenorchy has banks, shops and amenities that you will need.


Things to Do


There will be an infrared sauna at the competition venue positioned in close proximity to the weigh-in room.  The sauna is small and can seat 4 individuals. It rarely exceeds 66 degrees Celsius.

Checking Bodyweight

A certified calibrated weigh scale will be situated at the Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania and available while the club is open (see below).


Athletes can make use of the training facilities at the Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania on the following days/times:

  • Thursday 01 June 9-11am and 4-6pm
  • Friday 02 June  9-11am and 4-6pm
  • Saturday  9-11am and 4-6pm

Start List and Session Times

The following link will provide the most recent (22 May) version of the start list. The document provides session times also. Please be aware that session times may change. The document will be updated if changes are announced.

Download Start List and Session Times 


There will be a canteen open for the duration of the competition. There is  foodcourt at the Northgate Shopping Centre, a short (10min) walk from the venue. This is reasonably large shopping centre. On Main Road in the suburb of Moonah (5-10 mins drive, too far to walk) there are many options for food.


The Northgate Shopping Centre is the larger but there is also Glenorchy Plaza, both a short walk (19min) from venue. Both have chemists.


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