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Notice of Annual General Meeting of Weightlifting Tasmania

May 30 2021

You are invited to participate in Weightlifting Tasmania’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). The meeting will take place:

Date: 19 June 2021, held for one hour after State Masters and President Cup Round 3

Where: Crossfit Levitate, Launceston

RSVP: by reply email, to

Snacks and drinks provided !


Meeting Agenda

1. Adoption of minutes of 2020 AGM

2. Business arising from minutes of 2020 AGM 

3. Annual Report provided by the President

4. Financial Report for the year

5. Election of Board positions

6. Special business put on notice


About the AGM

The AGM is your opportunity as a member of Weightlifting Tasmania to vote for board members and have a say on how the affairs of the association are being managed.

At this forthcoming 2021 AGM, several board positions become vacant and elections must be held. Board positions are for three-year terms.

Nominations are now requested for the following positions:

President (Leo Isaac elected 2018, term ends at 2021 AGM)

Vice-President (Tony O'Malley elected 2018, term ends at 2021 AGM)

Director (Christine O'Malley elected 2018, term ends at 2021 AGM)

Treasurer (remained vacant after the resignation of Robert Gotts in 2020 until a temporary appointment of Tiffany Ashdown was made by the Board in 2020. This position also becomes vacant at 2021 AGM and an election of a member to this position must be held at the 2021 AGM)


Nominating for Board Positions

Only members of Weightlifting Tasmania can nominate, second or be nominated for an elected position on the Board of Weightlifting Tasmania.

If you would like to nominate another member of Weightlifting Tasmania for a Board position, the process is as follows:

1. Download the 2021 Board of Directors Nomination Form

In Microsoft Word Format

In Adobe PDF Format


2. On the official nomination form that you downloaded above, write your own full name on the top line of the form and sign underneath as per the illustration below:


2. Then write the full name of your nominee for the respective Board position where the form says "Nominee Full Name" (A) and ask them to sign where it says "Nominee Signature" (B).

3. Then ask another member of Weightlifting Tasmania to "second" the nomination by writing their full name where the form says "Seconded By" (C)  and their signature where the form says "Seconder's Signature" (D)

4. Write the date of the Seconder's Signature at (E).


Board Positions Not Vacant

A number of Board Positions are NOT up for election this forthcoming 2021 AGM. They are as follows:

Vice-President - Mark Brown 

Secretary - Jack Saward

Director - Jacinta Keating

Director - Roman Kisselev

Director - Beth Butt


Special Business at the AGM

The Annual General Meeting affords the opportunity to bring forward special business upon which all members can discuss and vote, but according to the association's constitution, such business must be put on notice. 

The correct way to do this is to bring forward a "motion" that has been carefully worded, and which can be voted on. There is always an opportunity for members of the association to discuss the motion before it is voted upon. In general, it is the elected Board of Weightlifting Tasmania that deals with day-to-day matters but now and then some matters are of such importance that they should be discussed by the membership as a whole. For example, if there is a perceived need to change the make-up of the Board of Directors, or make a significant change to the competition program, install a new life member, or change the fee structure.

If you would like to bring any business forward for the meeting, please send an email by Friday 4 June 2021 to

You may receive a suggestion back from the board to alter the wording of your motion but only for the purpose of making it clear for members to understand.

Voting by Proxy

If you can’t attend the AGM but want to take part in elections of board members, or vote on items of special business, you can do this "by proxy". Please download the proxy form:

Proxy Voting Form in Word Format

Proxy Voting Form in PDF Format

 Using this form you can appoint another person to vote on your behalf, either for elections or for/against any motions brought to the AGM. It is greatly important that you understand that your "proxy" will vote "at their discretion" for you. This means that you can certainly advise the person voting for you HOW to vote on a matter, but they may use their own discretion to vote differently. This might because the discussions on the floor of the meeting are persuasive.

Do you have questions?

If you have questions about board positions that are becoming vacant, or about the meeting process, please feel free to submit these questions and the Board will strive to answer as quickly as possible.  

Send questions byemail to

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