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Lifter's Name Shaylea Eaton Gender F
Club Sunshine Coast Weightlifting Club State QLD
Coach Barry Harden
Age Group Senior Weightlifting Age 25 (Born 1998)

Personal Bests


Competition History

JME Qld Club Challenge Round 2 - Sunshine Coast54.903040701/06/2013102.705UNGRADED
Sunshine Coast Open Club Competition54.70(+7) 37(+5) 45(+12) 8227/07/2013120.652UNGRADED
Qld U15 & Youth Championships54.90(+1) 38(+5) 50(+6) 8810/08/2013129.115K
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 3 – Sunshine Coast54.6038508824/08/2013129.664K
QWA League and Masters League Round 453.80(+2) 40(+1) 51(+3) 9121/09/2013135.644K
AWF U15 Tournament53.40(+1) 41(+-4) 47884/10/2013131.950K
AWF Youth Championships53.153648846/10/2013126.423UNGRADED
Qld All Schools Championships53.35(+1) 42(+-1) 50(+1) 9226/10/2013138.050K
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 4 – Sunshine Coast54.40(+1) 43(+-1) 50(+1) 939/11/2013137.424K
QWA League Round 1 & Masters League Round 154.3039508916/02/2014131.703K
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 1 – Sunshine Coast55.104053937/03/2014136.069K
AWF Clubs Tournament55.15(+2) 45(+0) 53(+5) 985/04/2014143.285K
QWA League Round 2 & Masters League Round 255.604555(+2) 10018/05/2014145.301J
Qld U15 & Youth Championships54.1540458516/08/2014126.056K

Competition Attempts

JME Qld Club Challenge Round 2 - Sunshine Coast54.902527303540453040701/06/2013
Sunshine Coast Open Club Competition54.7032353742454937458227/07/2013
Qld U15 & Youth Championships54.9033363844485038508810/08/2013
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 3 – Sunshine Coast54.6035384046495038508824/08/2013
QWA League and Masters League Round 453.8037404247505140519121/09/2013
AWF U15 Tournament53.403639414747514147884/10/2013
AWF Youth Championships53.153636404548503648846/10/2013
Qld All Schools Championships53.3537404247505242509226/10/2013
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 4 – Sunshine Coast54.403740434750534350939/11/2013
QWA League Round 1 & Masters League Round 154.3035393945505039508916/02/2014
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 1 – Sunshine Coast55.104043435053554053937/03/2014
AWF Clubs Tournament55.154043455053554553985/04/2014
QWA League Round 2 & Masters League Round 255.60424547505355455510018/05/2014
Qld U15 & Youth Championships54.1540434545454940458516/08/2014

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events1167%67%67%
Higher Events (National/International)378%56%67%
All Events (Overall)1467%67%67%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-3kg - 10 events-3kg - 11 events
When missed-3kg - 3 events-7kg - 2 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ45F58QLDUnder 1527/Jul/2013Broken by Shaylea Eaton
SNATCH37F58QLDUnder 1527/Jul/2013Broken by Shaylea Eaton
TOTAL82F58QLDUnder 1527/Jul/2013Broken by Shaylea Eaton
CJ50F58QLDUnder 1510/Aug/2013Broken by Shaylea Eaton
SNATCH38F58QLDUnder 1510/Aug/2013Broken by Shaylea Eaton
TOTAL88F58QLDUnder 1510/Aug/2013Broken by Shaylea Eaton
CJ51F58QLDUnder 1521/Sep/2013Broken by Madeline Wu
SNATCH40F58QLDUnder 1521/Sep/2013Broken by Shaylea Eaton
TOTAL91F58QLDUnder 1521/Sep/2013Broken by Madeline Wu
SNATCH41F58QLDUnder 1504/Oct/2013Broken by Madeline Wu
SNATCH42F58QLDUnder 1526/Oct/2013Broken by Madeline Wu
TOTAL92F58QLDUnder 1526/Oct/2013Broken by Madeline Wu
CJ50F58QLDU2309/Nov/2013Broken by Hayley Ward
SNATCH43F58QLDU2309/Nov/2013Broken by Hayley Ward
TOTAL93F58QLDU2309/Nov/2013Broken by Hayley Ward
CJ53F58AWFU2307/Mar/2014Broken by Hayley Ward
CJ53F58QLDU2307/Mar/2014Broken by Hayley Ward
SNATCH40F58AWFU2307/Mar/2014Broken by Hayley Ward
SNATCH40F58QLDU2307/Mar/2014Broken by Hayley Ward
TOTAL93F58AWFU2307/Mar/2014Broken by Hayley Ward
TOTAL93F58QLDU2307/Mar/2014Broken by Hayley Ward
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