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Lifter's Name Joel Wood Gender M
Club --- State VIC
Coach Toni Lane
Age Group Junior Weightlifting Age 19 (Born 2004)

Personal Bests


Competition History

HWC Alby Dutton & Bill Keir Memorial incl Masters GP536.6224295316/09/2017118.186UNGRADED
Geelong Youth GP237.20(+1) 25(+2) 31(+3) 5620/10/2017122.894UNGRADED
Geelong Open & Geelong Youth GP437.342335(+2) 5817/12/2017126.800UNGRADED
Victorian Open School League Round 139.06(+2) 27(+5) 40(+9) 6729/03/2018140.050UNGRADED
Geelong Youth GP 139.0024285213/04/2018108.860UNGRADED
Geelong Open & Youth GP 339.30(+3) 30(+6) 46(+9) 7621/04/2018157.913UNGRADED
Victorian Youth & Under 15 Championships39.20(+2) 32(+-1) 45(+1) 7728/04/2018160.389UNGRADED
Geelong Youth GP 440.5232407220/05/2018145.242UNGRADED
Sport & Recreation Cup in League Round 240.60(+4) 36(+4) 50(+9) 8615/06/2018173.157UNGRADED
Victorian Senior & Junior Championships41.9033498214/07/2018160.253UNGRADED
Victorian School Championships incl League Round 343.15(+4) 40(+0) 50(+4) 9019/10/2018171.165UNGRADED
Geelong School Championships & Geelong Open43.3637518814/12/2018166.619UNGRADED
VWA School League 145.353955(+4) 9422/03/2019170.947UNGRADED
Victorian Age Championships (U23/Jnr/Yth/U15)46.40(+4) 44(+5) 60(+10) 10425/05/2019185.376UNGRADED
VWA School League 248.10(+6) 50(+3) 63(+9) 11326/07/2019195.301K
Australian U15 & U17 Championships47.85(+6) 56(+5) 68(+11) 12428/09/2019215.260K
Bendigo Open49.155672(+4) 1289/11/2019217.257J

Competition Attempts

HWC Alby Dutton & Bill Keir Memorial incl Masters GP536.6220222425272924295316/09/2017
Geelong Youth GP237.2023252528313325315620/10/2017
Geelong Open & Geelong Youth GP437.3423262730333523355817/12/2017
Victorian Open School League Round 139.0625272935384027406729/03/2018
Geelong Youth GP 139.0020222427282824285213/04/2018
Geelong Open & Youth GP 339.3026283043464630467621/04/2018
Victorian Youth & Under 15 Championships39.2030323445454732457728/04/2018
Geelong Youth GP 440.5230323440404532407220/05/2018
Sport & Recreation Cup in League Round 240.6032343646485036508615/06/2018
Victorian Senior & Junior Championships41.9033373746495133498214/07/2018
Victorian School Championships incl League Round 343.1535384048505240509019/10/2018
Geelong School Championships & Geelong Open43.3637394148515137518814/12/2018
VWA School League 145.3536394148515539559422/03/2019
Victorian Age Championships (U23/Jnr/Yth/U15)46.40394144555760446010425/05/2019
VWA School League 248.10464850586163506311326/07/2019
Australian U15 & U17 Championships47.85505456636768566812428/09/2019
Bendigo Open49.1556606168727256721289/11/2019

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events1675%74%75%
Higher Events (National/International)1100%67%83%
All Events (Overall)1775%76%75%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-1kg - 16 events-1kg - 14 events
When missed0kg - 0 events-3kg - 2 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ40M56VICU2329/Mar/2018Broken by Joel Wood
CJ50M49VICUnder 1519/Oct/2018Broken by Joel Wood
CJ50M55VICUnder 1519/Oct/2018Broken by Joel Wood
SNATCH40M49VICUnder 1519/Oct/2018Broken by Joel Wood
SNATCH40M55VICUnder 1519/Oct/2018Broken by Joel Wood
TOTAL90M49VICUnder 1519/Oct/2018Broken by Joel Wood
TOTAL90M55VICUnder 1519/Oct/2018Broken by Joel Wood
CJ55M49VICUnder 1522/Mar/2019Broken by Joel Wood
TOTAL94M49VICUnder 1522/Mar/2019Broken by Joel Wood
CJ60M49VICUnder 1525/May/2019Broken by Joel Wood
SNATCH44M49VICUnder 1525/May/2019Broken by Joel Wood
TOTAL104M49VICUnder 1525/May/2019Broken by Joel Wood
CJ63M49VICUnder 1526/Jul/2019Broken by Joel Wood
SNATCH50M49VICUnder 1526/Jul/2019Broken by Joel Wood
SNATCH50M49VICYouth26/Jul/2019Broken by Joel Wood
TOTAL113M49VICUnder 1526/Jul/2019Broken by Joel Wood
TOTAL113M49VICYouth26/Jul/2019Broken by Joel Wood
CJ68M49VICUnder 1528/Sep/2019Broken by Joel Wood
CJ68M49VICYouth28/Sep/2019Broken by Joel Wood
CJ68M49AWFUnder 1528/Sep/2019Broken by Jack Gibson
SNATCH56M49VICUnder 1528/Sep/2019Current Record
SNATCH56M49VICYouth28/Sep/2019Broken by
SNATCH56M49AWFUnder 1528/Sep/2019Broken by Jake Beaumont
SNATCH56M55VICUnder 1528/Sep/2019Current Record
TOTAL124M49VICUnder 1528/Sep/2019Broken by Joel Wood
TOTAL124M49VICYouth28/Sep/2019Broken by Joel Wood
TOTAL124M49AWFUnder 1528/Sep/2019Broken by Jack Gibson
TOTAL128M55VICUnder 1509/Nov/2019Current Record
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