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Lifter's Name Tim Boys Gender M
Club Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania State TAS
Coach Michael Pickrell
Age Group Mast 35-39 Weightlifting Age 36 (Born 1986)

Personal Bests


Competition History

2017 Masters Championships and President's Cup Round 2102.207910017916/03/2018196.936K
President's Cup Round 4102.75(+1) 80(+12) 112(+13) 19216/06/2018210.841J
State Junior/Senior Championships and President's Cup Round 5103.40(+3) 83(+0) 112(+3) 19521/07/2018213.665J
Cliff Joyce Memorial and President's Cup Round 6102.22(+3) 86(+4) 116(+7) 2026/10/2018222.224I
President's Cup Round 7107.0582125(+5) 2073/11/2018224.200I
President's Cup Grand Final104.26(+2) 88(+-3) 122(+3) 2108/12/2018229.448I
WTI Senior Championships & PC3106.32871182056/04/2019222.528I
WTI Junior and U23 Championships & PC4106.408612020625/05/2019223.559I
PC6 - Hobart105.85(+9) 97(+-1) 124(+11) 2217/09/2019240.247H
Presidents Cup Final108.05871222097/12/2019225.693I
WTI U15 + U17 Championships + PC4113.188012520518/07/2020218.298J
WTI Senior Championships + PC5113.1095135(+9) 23015/08/2020244.968I
WTI U20 & U23 Championships & PC1111.60951252206/02/2021235.233I
WTI U15 & U17 Championships & PC2106.48(+1) 98(+-12) 12322115/05/2021239.778H
WTI Masters Championships & PC3107.68(+3) 101(+-10) 12522619/06/2021244.317H
WTI State Seniors, Chris Chugg Tournament and PC4106.48101132(+3) 23324/07/2021252.798H
WTI Presidents Cup Final & PC6111.30991182174/12/2021232.210I
WTI U15 / U17, WTI Masters and PC 2106.9010112622730/04/2022245.973H

Competition Attempts

2017 Masters Championships and President's Cup Round 2102.207272791001001007910017916/03/2018
President's Cup Round 4102.757275801001071128011219216/06/2018
State Junior/Senior Championships and President's Cup Round 5103.407883831051121188311219521/07/2018
Cliff Joyce Memorial and President's Cup Round 6102.22828692109116122861162026/10/2018
President's Cup Round 7107.05828690112118125821252073/11/2018
President's Cup Grand Final104.26848892122122127881222108/12/2018
WTI Senior Championships & PC3106.32838791118123127871182056/04/2019
WTI Junior and U23 Championships & PC4106.408686861201201278612020625/05/2019
PC6 - Hobart105.85909597124124128971242217/09/2019
Presidents Cup Final108.05878787122127130871222097/12/2019
WTI U15 + U17 Championships + PC4113.188085851181211258012520518/07/2020
WTI Senior Championships + PC5113.108690951251301359513523015/08/2020
WTI U20 & U23 Championships & PC1111.60909495122122125951252206/02/2021
WTI U15 & U17 Championships & PC2106.4895981011231291329812322115/05/2021
WTI Masters Championships & PC3107.68959910112012512510112522619/06/2021
WTI State Seniors, Chris Chugg Tournament and PC4106.489510110112212713210113223324/07/2021
WTI Presidents Cup Final & PC6111.30939699115118121991182174/12/2021
WTI U15 / U17, WTI Masters and PC 2106.909610110612012613410112622730/04/2022

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events1866%61%64%
Higher Events (National/International)0---
All Events (Overall)1867%61%64%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-5kg - 15 events-8kg - 13 events
When missed-6kg - 2 events-5kg - 4 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ125M109+TASMast 35-3906/Feb/2021Current Record
SNATCH95M109+TASMast 35-3906/Feb/2021Broken by Tim Boys
TOTAL220M109+TASMast 35-3906/Feb/2021Current Record
CJ132M109TASMast 35-3924/Jul/2021Current Record
TOTAL233M109TASMast 35-3924/Jul/2021Current Record
SNATCH99M109+TASMast 35-3904/Dec/2021Current Record
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