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Become a Weightlifter

Zac MillhouseInvolvement in Olympic Weightlifting as an athlete is a deeply satisfying journey of learning and self-discovery. The experience is transformative in mind and body. Age is no barrier, young or old, and there is a place for you at whatever level of commitment you choose. Around the nation many thousands of people are turning to Weightlifting as a primary form of exercise for health and fitness, and to test their new found skills in competition in the many competitions organised at local, state and national level.

So what is Weightlifting about? It's about skill, speed, flexibility and strength. These are the physical qualities that you will develop through Weightlifting when you are in the care of a qualified coach. You learn at your own pace and no matter whatever level you reach, we in Weightlifting Tasmania are appreciative of your efforts. But you'll learn more than this. You'll understand more about your body and mind, and you will learn about the importance of process in pursuing your own personal goals. Give it a try!

If you are interested in Weightlifting call Leo Isaac Mob: 0423767955 Email: or get in touch with one of the many clubs in Tasmania.

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