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2021 Australian Masters Championships 10-12 September

Sep 04 2021

It's time for Tasmanian entrants in the 2021 Australian Masters Championships to make a collective decision.

Please first read an email from Ian Moir of the AWF sent Friday 3 September.

Download here

If you are a listed entrant in the 2021 Australian Masters Championship and reside in Tasmania, you have now been given the opportunity to "compete online".

To compete online, you must weigh-in at the time required and compete at the time required. 

The competition schedule has already been published. You can download this here.

Most of you will be unfamiliar with the regulations by which an online competition runs, but I will make myself available at any time during this event (10-12 Sep) to guide you through the weigh-in process and to provide all the necessary technology to make it relatively simple for you to compete. Fortunately, I have experience of three online competitions now including the World Masters Championships and the recent AWF Under 15 and Under 17 Championships.

If you want to read the regulations, you can download here. The regulations may look complicated but the reality is that once learned, the process is simple and effective.

Competing in online competition is a real-time event and you are called to the platform in accordance with normal competition procedure except there are multiple platforms across the nation, and if you follow yourself, you will get 3 minutes not 2 minutes.

There is no compunction to lift if you prefer to pull out, but I wish to hear from you if you do wish to compete.

Leo Isaac


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