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WTI Under 20 and 23 Championships and Presidents Cup Round 3

Jul 07 2022

Competition Date and Venue

Date: Saturday 9 July, 2022

Venue: Portside Barbell, Devonport, Tas.

Deadline for Entry

Registrations have now CLOSED

Who can enter?

The Presidents Cup is a competition that is open to members of Weightlifting Tasmania Inc. No qualification is needed for the Presidents Cup.

You must also be a member of Weightlifting Tasmania to enter the Tasmanian Under 20 and/or Under 23 Championships, and you must have registered a qualifying standard. The standard required for the Tasmanian Under 20 Championships is K Grade. The standard for the Tasmanian Under 23 Championships is J Grade. You can find the grading standards on the 2nd and 3rd page of the document linked here


Please join the association through the "JOIN" link on the website menu above. The membership fee is: Seniors - $70.00, Under 20 - $60.00 and Under 17 - $50.00.

The AWF member code tends to be a problem for new members who are in a hurry to register for a competition. To expedite matters, email Leo Isaac, 

Please note that memberships now run for a full 12 months from the date of joining and not the calendar year.

For new members, please read the document "Becoming a member of the association" on the web page

How to register your entry for this competition

Go to the link " Competition Registration" on the top menu, right-hand side. You will only be able to register if you are a member of Weightlifting Tasmania Inc.

When you register there are three pieces of information that the entry system requires:

  • In the competition registration portal, select your name which will appear in the drop-down list of members (so you have to be a member or your name will not appear).
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Enter your AWF code which you receive by email when you become a member/and your membership is approved.

This system will then identify you and you will be able to proceed.

You should then nominate your "entry total" and if you are a beginner it is okay to leave this blank. But if you have competed before, you should nominate either your previous best total or an amount less.

Nomination of bodyweight category

All competitors in the WTI Under 20 and 23 championships MUST nominate their bodyweight category. The bodyweight categories are as follows:

Women: F45, F49, F55, F59, F64, F71, F76, F81, F87, F87+

Men: M55, M61, M67, M73, M81, M89, M96, M102, M109, M109+


Competition Start List

Competition Start List 

The Competition Schedule

Competition Schedule (updated 6/7/22)

Officiating Roster

Officiating/volunteer roster (updated 8pm 7/7/22)

Guidelines for Competitors

The expected standard of dress for competitors who are new to Weightlifting competitions is that clothing must not be loose, and that elbows should be clearly visible. These rules allow referees to adjudicate appropriately. If a T-Shirt and shorts are worn, the T-Shirt must be tucked in. Tights may be worn, with or without shorts over the top.

Competitors who are regular participants in the competition should wear competition apparel that abides by the International Rules of Weightlifting. This means wearing a lifting costume.

All competitors should be aware that the maximum width of a Weightlifting belt is 12cm.

The competition format will follow the 'ascending bar principle', as normal. This means that competitors choosing the lightest weights go first, and the bar only goes up in weight during the course of the session.

Help is always on hand for new participants. You can also request help via the Weightlifting Tasmania Facebook page.


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