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2019 Chris Chugg Memorial Tournament

2019 Chris Chugg Memorial Tournament

Feb 04 2019

The 2019 Chris Chugg Memorial Tournament, an open Weightlifting tournament for all levels of ability and age, has concluded at the new location of the Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania at 110 Mornington Road, Mornington.


A total of 45 persons competed, of which 5 competed in their first ever Weightlifting competition. The youngest Ava Pickrell is just 10 and the oldest Tony Hagar is 71.



In Weightlifting, every athlete is a giant!



Tony Hagar (71) would be a "junior" to some who he will compete against at the 
National Masters Championships in Darwin on 16-17 March.

The new venue at Align Fitness and Massage / Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania was spacious and despite the record temperature of the day at 38.8, competitors, officials and spectators survived with the help of "industrial" fans. The warm-up area was a good as you get in a national championships, and it is may not be long before this venue plays host to such an event.



Coaches and athletes at work in the warm-up area.

Overall Placegetters

Placegetters in the Chris Chugg Memorial Tournament are determined as a percentage of the world record for their respective age group including Youth (U17), Junior (U20) and Open world records.

In 2019, the placegetters were:

1. Sean Fitzgerald, 73.385% of the senior world record in the M89 Category

2. Stephanie Pickrell, 68.715% of the junior record in the F49 Category.

3. Bailey Rogers, 68.551% of the senior world record in the F76 category.

Sean Fitzgerald wins the 2019 Chris Chugg Memorial

President Cup Leaderboard

This website now provides an update on individual standings in the Presidents Cup after each round.

Please visit:

An update of awards for novices will appear shortly.


It takes the work of many people to stage an event and in this competition 29 people officiated taking on roles as a referee, announcer, computer operator, time clock operator, marshal or loader. A really big thanks to all who assisted with the event, including Heath Millhouse outside on the barbecue and Phil Diamantis supplying coffee, we cannot do it with you! A really special thanks to Michael Pickrell and Danny Flood, principals of the Align Fitness and Massage / Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania.

Officials in this photo are (left to right): Melissa Hanson (Time Clock) , Kellie Boon (Computer Operator) and Scott Taylor (MC and Announcer).

Bar loaders in Session 1: Deb Gluskie, Truen Johns and Ben Spinks

The new Eleiko competition set in view

Coaches at work! As Bailey Rogers steps out onto the platform, coaches give emotional and tactical support. Coaches seen here (left to right) Gaylene Pickrell, Lincoln Bowman, Leo Isaac and Kaity Fassina.

A happy moment caught on camera between Abbey Boon and her coach Robert Gotts.


A really big thanks to Jacinta Keating (sessions 1 and 2) and Paul McIntyre (Session 4)

Unfortunately, no-one was assigned to capture photos of session 3 but if you have some please forward to Leo

New Faces

Giselle Fernandez (CityWide)


Jade Gluskie (Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania) (Below)


Tom Elder (Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania)


Kevin Lucas (Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania)


Danny Flood (Principal, Align Fitness and Massage)

More Pics!

Tegan Fitzpatrick (Leading in the Presidents Cup Female Masters Division)


Stephanie Pickrell (Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania) (Below)

Stephanie returns to the platform after 6 months out and scores 6 out of 6.


Darcy Elliston (Citywide) (Below)

A great moment for Darcy, the expression says it all. 


Annaliese Owen (Crossfit Agema) (Below)

The moment before the lift - time to focus!


Zac Morrisby (Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania) (Below)

Zac is ranked equal 1st at Under 17 in the M81 category, in motion with 82Kg in the Clean & Jerk.


Mollie Piemontese (Citywide) (Below)

As well as lifting Mollie did her first refereeing in the event. Thanks Mollie.


Zac Millhouse (Weightlifting Academy of Tasmania) (Below)

Zac was this close to 122 in the Snatch

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